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What have we been up to in 2019? And what will we focus on in the year ahead? Read on!

Hello All!


Hope you have all been well. While 2018 was a year dedicated to showcasing our vision, 2019 has been about focus and tangible implementation. We’ve been working away, building on Holochain, while engaging with entrepreneurs within their eco-system.


To read more about our plans for the next few months, scroll below.


Reputation, the real wealth of the New Economy!


It’s a strain you’ve heard all through our interactions last year. The volatility and turbulence in bmost blockchain platforms has led to a vast cleansing of designs borrowed from the centralised economy - validating our decisions to focus on reputational wealth over tokens/cryptocurrencies etc.

Build the New Economy.png
Holo Crowd Cloud.png

Amidst the chaos, platforms like Holochain have emerged as the torch bearers for the distributed economy. While they began slowly in 2018, we’ve been positively surprised by the strength and frequency of their updates. It’s given us the confidence to proceed with building our architecture, and even identifying Holochain as the eco-system for our credits based system.


How have we been allocating our resources?


  1. New Economy Evangelism: 2018 saw us showcasing our vision across continents. While this was critical in establishing our presence, and whetting our vision across 6500 people, we are limiting general interactions since we need to build critical mass with entrepreneurs who are ready to roll with what we’ve developed. We find we will be able to establish this critical mass within the Holochain eco-system.

(Explain how critical mass is needed for mass implementation. PErhaps even use an inflection point charT). (Y/ass)


  1. Technical Architecture: Over the Q1 2019, we have been positively surprised by the steady stream of updates released by Holochain. Projects like Hylo and HoloREA within the Holo eco-system will ensure implementation will fly once critical elements are up and running. Check out our architecture below. If you want details, and to participate as this is being built, join our Tech QnA Chat room on this link
Interchange architecture.001.jpeg
  1. SC Credits: We have been leaning on senior Holo members like David Atkinson (who’s behind the ethical issuance model) and Alastair Ong to build our credit economy. We were keen on getting this up and running early this year, but have had to push timelines due to Holochains delayed activation. We’re waiting on this - we think their credit clearing houses will be up and running mid this year. Stay tuned for more. The key lies in underlying Holo network stabilising. To ensure we’re getting all the resources possible for this, we’ve created a forum for entrepreneurs within Holochain, along with holo team members support. To receive updates on this, just join the chat room.

  2. Genesis Entrepreneurs: All through this process, we’ve also been showcasing specifically to interested entrepreneurs within the Holochain eco-system. Again, to follow this, join our chatrooms. (Insert Snapshot) (ALso insert some more points)

use cases.png
  1. And lastly, going forward, we will be using communications mediums like our Chat servers, upcoming social media channels like Hylo, our chat room on Holochain,  and Medium to communicate. We will be keeping email updates down to a minimum, due to their invasive nature, and also because community members have expressed that they get lost in spam. More importantly, the media mentioned above allow a member to choose their level of engagement, as opposed to getting spammed by generic messages. We think some of the updates going forward iwll be pretty technical, and not suited for all.
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