Since 2017, we have been developing a formal economic language for Reputation. The grammar for this language has been developed through an iterative process. Through our road-shows we have interacted with close to 8000 people in South and S.E. Asia, China, Europe, Oceania, UK and USA. 

Here's a video from a recent session with entrepreneurs in the Currency Design Workshop hosted by the Commons Engine. 


Podcast with Takatoshi of the Future Design Podcast


Podcast with Tom Miller's Discover Holochain

And videos from our Virtual Interactions focused on 'Building the New Economy'. They offer insights in to how you can engage in various capacities


In July 2018 we visited 10 cities, across 8 time zones and 3 continents to engage with potential users, early stage investors and entrepreneurs. Here's a quick video that captures our road-show across Munich - Helsinki - Estonia - London - DC - NYC - San Francisco - Austin - LA - San Diego. Here are some reflections from the journey!

And a video from our Facebook live interaction with Matt Schutte of Holochain. Watch below.

A deep dive into principles of Reputation Based Economics with community leaders of the Blue Ribbon Movement.


Reach out to us on the forums listed below if you'd like to participate in our event or host a gathering in your community.