Powered by Holochain, our distributed reputation fabric enables agent centric engagements for the new economy. The infrastructure for our reputation fabric is classified into three categories.

1. Reputation Libraries: ​App-creators access our open-source frameworks to roll out templates seamlessly. Choose from a wide variety of compliant libraries to build reputation layers for your users. 

2. Reputation Interchange: A set of micro-services that allow reputation to be ported contextually across apps. Our staking protocol ensures apps receive read-access to data, while using our compute fabric for score/rating calculations.

3. User Dashboard: This thin front-end offers users the benefit of a 'reputation vault', to view reputation scores across apps and also monitor consent mechanisms for porting data. 


By leveraging our agent-centric fabric for computation, entrepreneurs can access the benefits of 'Relative Reputation'. Since reputation is computed locally through our 'Zomes', each user view scores that are unique to their context. This is critical in driving meaningful engagements with reputation, since scores aren't maintained in monolithic ledgers. 

The vocabulary for our formal economic language, along with libraries are listed in our Gitbook resource below. You can also view the latest technical updates and join our conversation on The Holochain Forum. 

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