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Powered by Holochain, our tools facilitate cultural articulation in micro-networks, and porting of reputation across contexts. 

1. Reputation Libraries: ​App-creators and community builders access our open-source 'Lego-blocks' to roll out reputation systems. Choose from a wide variety of compliant libraries to build reputation layers for your micro-network. 

Screenshot 2019-11-08 at

2. Reputation Vault: At the heart of our infrastructure, the Reputation Vault enables communities to articulate their culture formally, allows agents to discover one another on the basis of this cultural articulation and port reputation across contexts. .

rep vault123.png

3. Domain Specific Language: A formal language for cultural articulation. Think of this as a simple grammar that allows communities to compute reputation scores as per their context, while accessing reputation data from varied sources.


By leveraging our agent-centric fabric for computation, entrepreneurs can access the benefits of 'Relative Reputation'. Since reputation is computed locally, each user view scores that are unique to their context. This is critical in driving meaningful engagements with reputation, since scores aren't maintained in monolithic ledgers. 

relativie reputation.png

More technical details about the Vault, DSL and libraries are listed in our Gitbook resource. 

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