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2016 Tour Dates
Fri., June 20
The Academy, L.A
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Thu., June 19
Bamboo, Santa Barbara
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Sat., June 28
Cheers, Santa Cruz
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Wed., July 6
The Roxy, San Francisco
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The interchange is a set of libraries, micro-services and app(s) built on Holochain's distributed compute fabric. By leveraging this protocol, apps can enable their users in developing agent centric reputation. 

- Reputation Libraries: Entrepreneurs can access our set of libraries of reputation data types to build agent-centric reputation for their users.

- Micro-services: Enables users consent to the porting of their reputation across apps. App-creators can seamlessly access these service to compute reputation scores for their application based on the users consent. The result is contextual and relative reputation scores. 

- Front-end: Users can view reputation scores on .a consolidated front end, while also monitoring their consent. Think of it as a dashboard to navigate the new economy. 

Overall, this works on two levels: accelerated engagement of users i.e. never entering an app as a stranger. And 2. Opens up new dimensions for engagement within apps, that the traditional internet and economy just wouldn't allow. 

Each app-creator will have the freedom to design reputation as per their context. In doing so, they may request that a user 'imports' their reputation data from another context. A user's consent ensures contextuality for these network effects to reputation.

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