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Sacred Capital's runs on a 'mutual-credit' economy, which means every investment is backed by a corresponding debit i.e. a promise of utility. 

The utility provided is a 'value-stable' resource in the form of distributed computing power on an underlying network like Holochain.
Sacred Capital's journey has been enabled by early-stage funders around the world who resonate with our mission. A record of this capital placed is issued on ERC20 tokens. Each token, or SCT represents precisely 1.00 USD worth of credit on the SC Network on activation. On activation, each SCT converts to SCC, or Sacred Capital Credit on the network.
  • In keeping with regulations, all funding will be held privately to supporters of Sacred Capital. 

  • Funds contributed in this round translate to a USD value of 'credits' when our network activates. 

  • Benefits for funders include:

    • A discount. This is a price incentive offered to those funding Sacred Capital at an early stage. This discount reduces as we approach activation. The discount is time variant and currently stands at 45%. This implies 10k USD invested at this stage translates to ~18k USD worth of value on activation. 

    • Access to a value-stable currency system. SC Credits are backed by immutable, distributed computing power, thereby providing a value-stable asset. Speculators may look at this as an opportunity to invest in a resource that is unlinked to sovereign wealth systems.

    • An opportunity to guide the future of Sacred Capital. Participants in our funding rounds are rewarded with a reputation score in our Programmatic Collective (see link for more details) as an added incentive to those willing to back us.

  • Slots have been kept small to ensure equal participation for all our supporters.

  • Funds may be transferred in USD/SGD/BTC/ETH/HOT

  • You may use the form above to express interest. This is merely an indication that helps us allocate tokens accordingly and not a commitment.  Once submitted, you will receive a series of instructions for the way forward.

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Enter the amount you wish to contribute (This is merely an expression of interest)

Thanks. We'll be in touch with details! 

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