Sacred Capital functions as a network of people who contribute to the collective and earn a reputation score. 
This reputation score, in turn, allows them to shape the future direction of the organisation. 

In addition to shaping the future direction of Sacred Capital, these reputation scores will be placed on the interchange at the time of 'activation'. From then on, these reputations will be staked across eco-systems, allowing you to leverage the benefits of supporting Sacred Capital at this early stage. Think of this as funding the organisation, but with your reputation! For more information on activation check out our page on the 'Activation'. There are 4 fundamental ways in which you can earn reputation. 

Contribute as an 'Ambassador' or in a more active capacity to grow and develop our network.

Our economy is based on a mutual-credit system. Funding us at this stage entitles you to reputation within the eco system

Explore details on how our interchange functions, and if you'd like to be a Reputation Economy Architect

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