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Sacred Capital's organisational structure is built in line with the potential of the New Economy. 
Our community of users, entrepreneurs, team members and funders mould and shape the future of Sacred Capital. 
While formal guidelines for this will be published in Q2 2019, experiments in this direction have begun
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The Programmatic Collective will lay the foundations for the 'guiding council' of Sacred Capital.  Instead of restricting influence to a handful of members, our reputation score allows us to weight influence on the basis of your engagement in the community. A deeper engagement allows you a 'larger say' in how we allocate our budgets, design our strategy and more.


Internal benefits of this reputation include steering the direction of Sacred Capital in the years to come. However, external benefits to this reputation also exist. Once published on the reputation interchange, any external community or entrepreneur is free to pick up this reputation to import into their own app or eco-system. Contributing to the Programmatic Collective is, therefore, a form of 'investing' in an early stage initiative, but through a spectrum of contributions.

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Until Q2 2019, we will be experimenting with different ways of allocating reputation scores. Final guidelines will be published when going live, in a process known as 'Activation of the Network'

At this point, the fundamental reputation block of Sacred Capital goes live, publishing reputations of all those who have been contributing within the eco-systems. These reputation scores will then be available on the interchange, free to be imported in countless other eco-systems. 

There are essentially four ways to earn a reputation within the collective: As an Early-Stage Funder, a Genesis Entrepreneur, a Reputation Economy Architect and as an Active Contributor. See more below.


Sacred Capital's economy is based on the Mutual Credit currency system built on Holochain. However, on specific occasions, we open windows for our community to 'pre-purchase' credits to access Sacred Capital. 


These windows are opened for specific time periods, and the terms of the rounds are published. Users and community members of Sacred Capital who participate in these rounds receive reputation scores in our Programmatic Collective. 


Over the next 6 months, we will be announcing specific details on how participation in our fundraises translates to influence in the Sacred Capital collective. 


Think of this role as a 'New Economy Analyst'. Reputation Economy Architects are enthused by orchestrating value and modulating culture. They help entrepreneurs break out of the shackles of one-dimensional scale by accessing new kinds of value. 

By engaging in our community and building skills as a reputation economy architect, one can earn a reputation within the collective. 


Until March 2019, Sacred Capital will invite 45 diverse entrepreneurs to design their economies on our reputation interchange. The opportunity lies in scaling and working with new forms of value (social, cultural, intellectual capital) to birth new kinds of communities.


Genesis Entrepreneurs will receive a reputation score in our collective so that they can also shape our future direction and strategy.


The Programmatic Collective is responsible for budget allocations and spends on building infrastructure for the SC Interchange. Towards this, the collective may vote on capital allocation for various purposes: marketing, development, legal and admin fees etc. 


The Collective may also appoint 'active contributors' to take on a specific time based task and excecute as per requirements. Typically, active contributors are members of the community as well, and their reputation scores within the PC are considered while allocating work to them. This ensures they are already in tune with the SC ethos. 


Work executed by active contributors is evaluated and reputation scores are assigned to corresponding members. 


For more details on past Active contributors, upcoming work commitments, and rules of engagement, stay tuned to the Programmatic Collective chat room where we will share details soon. 

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