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Thank you for your interest in funding Sacred Capital. We strongly recommend browsing through resources about our Credit Economy before participating in pre-sale.   
check out details below
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-Sacred Capital's economy is based on a mutual credit system where money raised is accounted for by a corresponding debit in our ledgers. It is executed using a distributed ledger protocol known as Holochain, an accounting system that runs on Holo Fuel. 

Here are a few details on our currency:

- Users of our platform i.e. Apps or their individual users are billed on the basis of the computation power that they use on the interchange

- Payments for this usage are settled on a pre-defined frequency i.e. daily/weekly/monthly

- Settlements are made in Holo Fuel using Holochains' mutual credit accounting system

- Users may choose to pre-pay for our services, thereby holding 'credits' in their accounting ledger against us

- The cost borne by the user is a function of their computing power consumed on the interchange. Sacred Capital charges it's users the cost of the underlying computing power, plus a mark-up as stated by the Programmatic Collective. 

- In this case, since our underlying computation provider is Holochain, our credits are effectively pegged to the price of Holo Fuel, a value-stable currency backed by distributed computing power.


Every quarter, Sacred Capital opens a window to early-stage funders within the community. Funders are entitled to 'credits' against which Sacred Capital holds a corresponding debit i.e. a promise to provide utility on the interchange. More details below:

  • In keeping with regulations, all our funding rounds are done privately to supporters of Sacred Capital.

  • The amount contributed entitles the holder to a worth of Credits in our accounting system when the network goes live.

  • Benefits for funders include:

    • A discount. This is a price incentive offered to those funding Sacred Capital at an early stage

    • Access to a value-stable currency system. SC Credits are backed by immutable, distributed computing power, thereby providing a value-stable asset. Speculators may look at this as an opportunity to invest in a resource that is relatively stable compared to fiat-based economic systems

    • An opportunity to guide the future of Sacred Capital. Participants in our funding rounds are rewarded with a reputation score in our Programmatic Collective (see link for more details) as an added incentive to those willing to back us.

  • The discount is offered on a time-variant linear scale, gradually decreasing as we approach network activation.

  • Typically, funders are long-term in nature. 50% of their credits will be issued on launch, the balance every month over a 12 months period.
  • Slots have been kept small to ensure equal participation for all our supporters.

  • A record of this placement will be maintained using ERC20 tokens to facilitate early-stage liquidity for backers

  • The total expected pre-sale issuance is displayed in the issuance schedule below

  • The total number of pre-sale credits reflect as an 'initiation debit' in our accounts when our interchange goes live (see below).

private sale currently open. express interest here
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