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Snapshots from our Events
Over the past 12 months we have engaged with people in S E Asia, South Asia, China, Europe, UK and USA. We’ve been able to meet and engage with over 5500 people in an effort to share our vision and build our network.

Here's a video from our first 'Virtual Interaction' that captures the essence of Sacred Capital.

Here's a video from our Virtual Interaction focused on 'Building the New Economy'. It offers insightso n how you can engage as an Early Stage Funder, Genesis Entrepreneur, Reputation Economy Architect or if you're simply interested in the Programmatic Collective.

In July 2018 we visited 10 cities, across 8 time zones and 3 continents to engage with potential users, early stage investors and entrepreneurs. Here's a quick video that captures our road-show across Munich - Helsinki - Estonia - London - DC - NYC - San Francisco - Austin - LA - San Diego. Here are some reflections from the journey!


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