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Frequently Asked Questions About our Token Issuance

Can you share the chronology of funding so far and the path forward?

Execution timeline.png

Until Aug 2018: Pre-token issuance


Over the past 24 months, Sacred Capital has been funded by individuals around the world. Some of them are leading angel investors, VCs and professionals while others are non-linear thinkers and drivers of social change. Each one of them is excited by the prospect of bringing forth a new economic paradigm. All our investors have entered 'pre-token-issuance' rounds which are private in nature. It implies these rounds are not exposed only to people we have met or engaged with during our interactions or have been part of our beta testing periods. Staying private also allows us to adhere to securities regulations around the world.

These investors have been offered tokens at a time-variant discount i.e. the discount reduces as we approach token issuance. To put it simply, every dollar invested in these rounds translates to a multiple when the token is issued. 

The current round of funding is the last such window of these multiple rounds of funding. The current discount stands at 45%. That means every dollar invested returns ~1.8x on issuance. 

The total tokens issued and their vesting schedule is as reflected in the images below. 


Transition to the live SC network: March 31, 2019 onward


On March 31, 2019, we will be able to transition from an Ethereum implementation to the live SC Network. Each ERC20 token issued will be entitled to 'credits' on this network. These credits represent storage and computational utility. 

Think of these credits as a 
value-stable currency that enable operations on the SC network. We will be building our network on platforms such as Holochain which require us to follow a 'credits' based system. (Check for more details). 

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