Distributed networks need a wealth system that can function contextually without an over-arching consensus. The key lies in building a formal economic language for Social, cultural and informational capital.


In contrast to the traditional economy, Reputation Economies are endogenous, contextual, multi-dimensional and non-zero sum. Read more about this by clicking the image below.

REP ECO 2.gif


With the reputation economy app creators can spark new dimensions of engagement for their users.

Reputation design for communities is a highly evolutionary field. To support their efforts we are shaping an initiative called Reputation Labs. 

As part of Reputation Labs, entrepreneurs will have access to conversations about Reputation Design, as well as templates help them accelerate their roll-out. 

Reputation Labs helps app-creators leverage our staking protocol to let users drive their own context, unleashing new kinds of collaborative engagements. If you're an entrepreneur looking to leverage the reputation economy, or someone interested in reputation design, reach out to us through the forums listed below.